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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Revised and Rewritten; April

I felt this is an important thing to let everyone reading know about, that I didn't think of mentioning before. I revisit, revise and rewrite pieces of texts when I'm unhappy with them, but I perhaps forget to mention that this is what I have done - They're all a work in progress, constantly, and the version I upload is the first one I've deemed "okay" for others to read and give feedback on.

Also, I have a feed that you guys can follow through your emails (for instance) that let's you know when I upload something new on this site (however, it does not tell you when I change something in an already published post), and "Email me"-plugin on the right side of the blog for questions and notes people feel they don't want to leave as a comment.

Revised/Rewritten in April:

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