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Friday, 2 May 2014

To Be A Cat For A Day?

To Be A Cat For A Day? is a story of a young woman, Evelynn Yorke, who finds herself in all sorts of trouble in 2154. It all starts one beautiful morning when her lab blows up as she walks in. Who would want to kill her and why?


This kind of mornings always made her wish to be a cat. Cats can sleep whenever, wherever they want to, she mused and they didn't have to go to work after a sleepless night to be there at 7AM sharp. Why, oh why, hadn't she been born a cat or an owl? Being either animal would suit her basic needs and sleep schedule a lot better. But alas, Mother Nature had just had to play pranks and games when natures were handed out and hence given a human that of a cat - or so Eve had always believed.
        For a young, aspiring scientist she had a lot of beliefs and her fellow scientists were either amused or irritated by them and her ethics. She was honest and unwilling to withhold information of her scientific research and how it was conducted. Besides, whenever they saw her, she seemed perky and happy plus her sarcastic and cheeky comments never went unnoticed and always made other people angry. My associates are so humorless and dull, she thought as she sipped the morn's first cup of herbal tea. She never seemed to be able to stomach coffee, which annoyed other scientists beyond belief, mainly because none of them seemed to be able to do anything without caffeine in their systems. She didn't think much of it - their behavior was rather foolish and their caffeine consumption was probably the reason why they couldn't live without it.

        Eve thought about cats again and smiled. It was clear that if she was a cat then her fellow scientists were either dogs or mice. She hadn't quite decided yet. It was fun to think of such things while placing her empty tea cup on the table and walking to a silver mirror across the room. Her hair was a mix of black, red and brown streaks that others often saw simply as "brown". She wore it short, the way Audrey Hepburn had worn hers two hundred years before. Her eyes were like sapphires glistening in the morning sun. I look so pale, she thought to herself and added rouge to her cheeks. It made the paleness disappear a bit, certainly, but she was still very pale. There was hope that none of her coworkers would realize it once she met them at work. Science would always be her passion, no matter what, and today she would go to her lab and study those approximately 8000-year-old remains. Anyone else would've thought that a girl getting excited over some dead guy's bones was weird, but to Eve, it was life at its truest. Where else could she see what people had done, how they had lived and what their genetic make was, but those bones!
         Eve left for work with a smile on her face. Her beautiful sapphire blue floater was waiting for her right where she'd left it, which she was thankful of since her roommate sometimes moved it to the garage. She threw on a silver colored helmet, a black leather jacket and her driving gloves - None of these could ever be considered a trivial thing as they would protect her if the floater decided to have a malfunction midair. She only hoped she'd bought proper protection for her feet and legs as well but she'd have time to do that. Eve absolutely hated the traffic at this hour, without it she would've been at work in 15 minutes but alas, no, with it she had to float around on place and wait. If she left at 6.15, she'd make it for 6.55 to work and it sucked. Thank goodness my job is awesome, she thought to herself, else I wouldn't bother to face this traffic every day.
        She sang while driving and it seemed like she was there in no time. She parked her floater and removed her helmet. Today was going to be a good day. She greeted her coworkers with a cheerful smile and spoke with the janitor for awhile. And then everything went wrong when she opened her lab's door.

Chapter 1

As far as life goes, Eve's was just fine at least in the sense that she was alive. Every bit of her body hurt, her hair was smoking and her ears ringing. She had no idea what had happened. She heard someone shout and couldn't make out the words. Her heart was racing and she tried to concentrate on the fact that she was alive. "Yorke? Damn it. Answer me!" someone screamed. "Eve?" a female voice shouted. Evelynn tried to understand what Yorke and Eve meant. She was confused and her brain wasn't functioning as she thought it should. I need help, she thought and tried to speak but only managed to cough. Multiple tries later, she managed to groan: "help", and many coughs later, she heard someone answer her. "Evelynn! Where are you?" that someone said. I'm here, Eve thought but couldn't make the voice come out. She could feel that she was about to lose consciousness. I'm here, why don't you see me? Come here! She was falling into desperation. Then she saw a shape coming through the doorway. You found me,, she thought as the shape picked her up and kept saying things Eve couldn't understand. Few moments later, there was nothing.
        Beep.. Beep.. "Will she be okay?" someone asked. The beeping of the machine was starting to annoy Evelynn but she couldn't open her eyes. The light she felt on her lids seemed to hurt her and she slowly became aware of the aches around her body. "What happened? How did she end up in this state?" that someone asked. Mother? Evelynn thought, they called my MOTHER? I don't want to talk to her, she thought and kept her eyes shut. After a while she heard the door shut and sighed in relief. Then she opened her eyes very slowly. Hospital white had always disgusted her and she'd never have gone to a hospital herself, she'd have made the doctor come to see her. But no, here she was. She didn't even know which hospital it was and since she wished to know, she pressed the red help button. It didn't take long for the four doctors and two nurses to run into her room. Boy, did Eve want to laugh at them but moving her body hurt on so many levels. "Can you tell me your name?" one of the doctors - female, native american, 46 - asked her. "Yorke, Evelynn Lisa. Friends call me Eve", Eve answered and waited for the next question, they always asked you when they thought you were a scientist suffering from severe head trauma. "When were you born and what is your field of expertise?" the doctor continued the parade of questions. "I was born on May 17th in 2128 and my field is anthropology, and no, I wasn't conducting an experiment that could have caused anything that would bring me to the hospital", Eve answered with clear annoyance ringing in her voice. "Alright, Eve. I am Mira Rivers, your doctor, and these are my colleagues doctors Thompson, Phillips and Rosenberg", Doctor Rivers introduced pointing first at Thompson (male, Afro-american, 55), then at Phillips (female, Spanish, 26) and last at Rosenberg (male, Nordic, 78) before continuing to ask: "Can you tell me what happened?"

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