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Monday, 6 January 2014

Emmy Newbury: Chapter 2

Note: This chapter isn't complete yet, but if something bothers you about it, please leave a comment. If you haven't read the PROLOGUE and CHAPTER 1, I suggest you do that now.

The Forest

“Damn it! We have to stop. Those gunfire sounds were our tires breaking”, Cam swore and forced the car to stop. Emmy was even angrier about it than Cam was, but they both knew anger wouldn't solve anything since following leads with only two working tires would be rather difficult. “I'll call someone to pick it up and then we can start walking”, Emmy said and didn't even ask for the approval of her partner. Partners or not, she was in charge because she owned the company and Cam had just wanted to work there.
It wasn't like Cam needed to work. He was a prince amongst his people, but he didn't want to sit around doing big nothings when he knew he could help out in the world. They got out of the car and started walking while Emmy spoke on the phone with the guy from their fixing department. “A man will be there in three hours to pick the car up”, were the last words said in the phone-call but never the less, those words were the first good news they'd heard since they'd started working that morning. They'd gotten a lead late yesterday evening, a nameless lead, saying that Tonya Paxton had headed for Cairne after the conversation with her brother. They walked for fifteen minutes before they reached the next signs saying where each road would take them and once there, they followed the one leading them to Cairne Harbour. It was the one that lead towards a forest they expected to be rather small. Behind them, the sign turned on it's own and started stating that Cairne Harbour was, indeed, the other road and not the one they were following.
After a walk of not more than five minutes within the forest, their memories started failing them, slowly. Something was eating up their experiences from the times when they were fairly young; Experiences, which had lead them to stand there that very day. Soon they forgot why they'd come there in the first place and started merely sight-seeing in the beautiful forest. Everything seems wonderful and for a while, they act like children again; Emmy's parents aren't dead and Cam hasn't fallen miserably in love just to be betrayed – All is great and they haven't felt one minute of sorrow in their lives.. If only. But they regained their consciousness of what they were after fast enough; It was all about Tonya Paxton and so it had been since the day before yesterday. The memories evolving Tonya Paxton seem to be the only ones clear to them for a while; Everything else disappears slowly but inevitably from their memories and nothing, absolutely nothing, else seems to matter than Tonya Paxton and thus they walk in silence looking for even the slightest hint of the missing woman. But then, even that memory started to fade, eventually leaving only an empty painting for someone to paint anew inside the minds of those two young adults.
Although we know that it was at midday they entered the forest, they didn't know how long they'd been there when the day started turning to night and even the last bits of light began leaving the woods to give space to the darkness. When all light was gone, our adventurers felt lost, hungry and afraid. But then, they glimpsed a light from between the trees, a light that had not been there before they'd started feeling lost. They ran towards it, falling down on every step they took but feeling a terrible urge to get away from the darkness of the forest and into the light of whatever it happened to be. Emmy felt as if they would have been walking towards their deaths. The light was pulling them towards itself and they had no time to think nor want to think before they stumbled into a city with beautiful marble pavement and lovely houses. So this is what it feels like to die, she thought to herself as she shook her head at all the people on the streets. Death had finally beaten Life in Emmy's case and no one would ever hear the truth about any of the deaths she was investigating.
“You lost?” a blonde in red asked them sweetly. Cam nodded and flashed a smile to the woman. For a moment Emmy wondered why she was travelling with a dark elf. She had vague memories of childhood friendship and saved lives. If only I could remember, she thought. Somehow the whole conversation between Cam and the woman went flying past her and she ended up following with no idea where they were headed. She felt light headed and lost but at place all at once. The odd feeling of belonging kept her at ease and soon she forgot all about how odd it felt. They met an old bearded man, who assigned them both living quarters and jobs. And that is how Emmy met Delora Brown, a witch she had been trying to find for years. Emmy had wanted to think that the leads had gone cold because Delora didn't want to be found. Of course, Emmy didn't remember any of this and just smiled dumbfounded at her new room mate. Things settled into a routine and for months they lived in the city at peace with the universe. But false peace couldn't last.
There came a day when the old man lead Emmy to the forest. Well, he didn't lead her there – She followed him because even with no recollection of what she did with her life, she had instincts and curiosity. They went East, turning North at a cracked rock and then going around the bend. That's when she saw it.
She wanted to scream but nothing came out of her mouth, which she would later have to thank for her life. She shut her mouth abruptly and stood there studying the creature. She wanted to call it a monster. It was shackled but was it there because it had been wronged or because it had wronged others. The darkness and fear it made her feel made her assume it had wronged others. It looked like a huge elf but somehow not. It was dressed in dark green garments and had a sinister expression. Its teeth were yellow and eyes bright red. It wasn't beautiful like the elves but rather as ugly as they were delightful and probably as evil as elves were mischievous. Then its turned to Emmy, who couldn't think of anything else to do but run – A thing that is shackled cannot follow.

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