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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Death Wish: Wishes to Eternity

Sometimes I thought of what could've been instead of what actually was. I knew none of what I thought ever happened but, at times, I wished it had, not because I was miserable but because others were miserable around me. No one seemed happy and I knew for a fact that no one was happy. I brought misfortune with me. And that's why all of the alternate realities, which I thought of, were ones where I'd died in one incident or another. Sometimes I really wished I'd die in that very spot but nothing ever happened. I've written my will and the people around me know exactly what it says. They all get specific bits of my fortune, the one I'd inherited in pieces and then grown by working in all sorts of businesses - thievery wasn't the smallest nor was paid murders. Honest work just wasn't what a woman got to do in this country!
            I'd hired the finest of all of the murderers to try and kill me. Sixteen people, not one success story of my death. Fifteen tried and failed perhaps the last one would be more successful.. I wasn't holding my breath for that, since you just don't surprise a woman who is third cat, sixth wolf and half witch. I guess it didn't work quite like they thought it would. And with such a mixed heritage, I didn't know how long I'd live. It's already been six hundred years.

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