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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Emmy Newbury: Chapter 1

 If you haven't read the prologue, I suggest you do that before reading the following!
 EDIT: Apparently there was a cosmetic mistake in middle of the text where that entire bit was smaller than the rest; I think I've fixed it now.

 The Curious Case of Tonya Paxton

"I knew exactly what she was going to say and I also knew I wouldn't like it. 'Don't say anything', I said firmly and waited for her to close her already open mouth. Her face was set but her eyes were filled with flames of anger and disappointment. She was really angry with me and that, if nothing else, made me feel blue. 'Don't look at me like that!' she snapped at me. 'Tonya..' I muttered but she wouldn't let me touch her.  She was my sister, my little sister, and she wouldn't have me in her house. I walked away and said nothing at all. I didn't look back, not even when I heard the door slam behind me.. I'm so sorry for the pain I've caused her to feel.. If only I could tell her so", David Paxton explained with his heartache in his voice. Emmy just looked at him but felt no pity at all. Emmy's eyes were cold and reflected nothing but disgust as she looked at the man whose crime had destroyed Tonya Paxton's heart and, eventually, soul. "You brutally murdered the man whom she loved and expected her to let you still be a part of her life?" she asked and no sympathy reached her angered voice. All in all, Emmy thought that David Paxton was a miserable, disgusting creature with no heart and no worth. But David didn't look the part Emmy's thoughts gave him, since he was actually quite handsome, but then again, those are the worst type of disgusting bastards! His hair was black like raven feathers and his eyes so brown that they almost looked black. But a job is a job. "When did she go missing?" Emmy asked moving the conversation away from how much David wanted to say he was sorry to his sister. David stopped whimpering and collected the pieces of his mind.
 "Three weeks ago, that's the last her co-workers saw her according to the brother", Emmy explained, mere moments later, to Cam who had hinted about the kidnapped sorceress to Emmy. Cam nodded his elven head and stated that they should ask around the supernatural community and through there find out if Tonya had stirred any bad blood amongst them since THAT would determine if the supernaturals had anything to do with the disappearance. If not, Emmy and Cam were up for a hunt of ordinary people which had proven to be much easier than hunting SUNAs. SUNA was the most commonly used shortening for Supernatural. The problem with SUNAs was - and still is - that they fear almost nothing and you can't spell nor torture them for information. It's always a trade if you want your info from someone who dislikes you. So unless Tonya Paxton was extraordinarily liked in the community of SUNAs, what awaited Emmy was a long, hard and trade filled day and when one wanted information such as this, one would do anything.
          The first place where they usually stopped for information was the headquarters of the Supernatural Crime - The S.C. that is - because they had all that information about every single member of the community and almost everything that had happened within it. It was also the only place where you didn't trade if you were dealing with a disappearance of a woman or a child. "Probably because they have such a shortage of women in society nowadays.." Cam muttered to himself whilst letting Emmy lead the way to the right people to ask about Tonya Paxton. Emmy felt at home in the S.C. and that was a hard thing to make happen, for she hadn't felt at home anywhere since the Coven of Fiore, which is where she had spent perhaps the happiest eight years of her life. The woman they would have to talk with went by the name Ann Blair and if she wasn't an extraordinary woman, then no one was. For SUNAs, Ann was something fairly boring, a worker at the S.C. - no one really cared about them - but for the normal world, she was the most interesting author of the time. She wrote about crimes in a fantasy world, which she so lovingly called Faedra.
Ann was a very terrifying woman, no one but Emmy could look into those steel grey eyes without flinching at the coldness of them - That was the only reason why Ann respected Emmy. Ann always smiled lovingly to her customers, but if she had a soft spot in her heart, it was yet to be found. This time her hair was bright red and tied up on a bun but even if her hair changed on a frequent basis, her style never betrayed you. She had the look of that kid everyone envied and hated in school. It wasn't because she was pretty, but because she made you scared and when you're scared, you start to respect someone more, even though you'll hate them for the rest of time. That's how Ann looked; She wore the high-end clothes every woman wanted and had even matched them so that they didn't look tacky. She looked like she had money and wasn't afraid of doing anything to get more. Luckily for us, she never managed to scare Emmy - nor Cam who secretly had a crush on Ann - and that is why they were there asking Ann the questions they would ask.
"Good afternoon, miss Newbury, how may I be of assistance this time?" Ann asked with a voice that wrote on the air the words: You are not the one I wanted to see today. Emmy didn't take a step back, like anyone else would have, even though she was perfectly capable of reading the words. She merely greeted Ann and gave Cam the sign for starting to explain why they were there. Emmy had learned ages ago that Ann would rather listen a man than a woman, since the man was more likely to give attention to Ann's looks. "Emmy does not get to explain it for I am the reason why she took the case in the first place", Cam stated coldly, hiding all emotion from his voice. Ann flashed him a smile, which indicated that he was allowed to continue. "Another woman has gone missing. Her name is Tonya Paxton and we would like to know what the S.C. knows about her", was all he said. "You'd like to know? What will you do to earn that information?" Ann slashed him like a poisonous snake but kept the pleasant smile on her pretty little face. It confused Cam and gave Emmy just enough time to pitch in: "A favour. That's what we'll give to you. Anything you'd like - In information, of course, since that is the credit of power these days." Ann considered the answer for a moment. “Fine, you owe me one”, she murmured silently before Emmy could say more. “The information you're looking for is in file six. I knew you'd come looking for it and decided to not waste my time nor voice explaining it all to you. And oh, you might want to take a look at page seventeen of file eight, too”, she said dismissively. Emmy nodded and took the file and the page before Ann had a chance to change her mind.

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