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Monday, 16 July 2012

Ravena Black (part 1)

So this here is something I created not all that long ago, it's set in the same world as 3 other stories I'm actually working on at this very moment. Each of these stories tells a story of a person within that world and they're all linked to each other through somethings within them; Some of these links are harder to find than others, but if you keep your eyes and ears open you'll find them, eventually.


I am the murderess known by the name Ravena Black and by the time you read this, I'll be long gone but I had to do this final thing in order to pay for all the things I did in this land. I never knew before if saying things the way they are would matter but for this once I've decided to give you the world as it was at the time, instead of as I wished it was. I will give you the story and I will try to keep my own voice hidden. Don't try to find me after you've read this, for it'll be too late. This is the story of a girl who then grew up to be a murderess and her name was Ann Blair. Life in the city of Nova wasn't good for Ann because she was a pretty but orphaned child. She had had to learn the ways of the street at a very young age and her innocence wasn't spared by anything or anyone in the city. But this is not the beginning of the story – Let me take you to the beginning.
A summer night, a back-alley and a brown cat on the stone pavement. The city of Nova is asleep around it apart from those who inhabit the darkest alleys and whose dealings wouldn't make it in the sunlight. This is where the story began, all those years ago. To someone looking from the other end of the alley, what was going on there looked like a meeting of rather odd people but it was nothing like that. Those odd people were thieves of the notorious gang of Pickpocket-Jack and Pickpocket himself was giving them all instructions as to what were their roles during that week in their ring of thievery. You see, at that time the multiple thief-gangs of Nova had divided the city into sections and each gang had its own. Pickpocket's gang had the mid-town because they were the fastest with their hands and never got caught.
After sharpening her claws few nights back, Ann Blair, who wasn't more than fifteen summers old and yet almost as cunning as the rest of the thieves on the alley, had been accepted into the group. Most of the gang thought it was because Pickpocket fancied her, but it was nothing like that. Ann had managed to pick the pockets of Jack and having to join the gang had been Jack's way of punishing her. She didn't think it was a punishment, apart from perhaps the fact that she had to give a percentage of each of the pickings to the gang which would give a percentage of all of their treasury to the master thieves each week. If a gang didn't perform well enough, they might have their area moved to some other gang and that, could be like a death penalty, especially if you had an area like the Pickpocket-gang did – One that really made money.


I feel like adding "To be continued" here, but we all know the story will continue. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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  1. Since you don't have a lot of feedback in here, i decided to give you a comment.

    The story is well written and i love how the stories are connected to eachother.