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Monday, 16 July 2012

Emmy Newbury (Prologue)

"For Emmy Newbury, Terra had always been a bit more magical than to anyone else, but on the year of her 25th birthday it all seemed to start falling apart as something or someone tries to hunt her down. The chase has begun. But.. Who was the cat and who the mouse?"



The blood was absorbed by the thirsty grass on the sacred land. It flooded the steps of the church during that unilluminated night. A young woman was lying in front of the door, her terrified eyes facing the black sky and her screams echoing from grave to grave. Her lifeless body was left to wait for the morning.
The morning sun rose blood red; It was known to be the mark of bloodshed during the night. But little Emmy Newbury didn't know of such things. She was nearly nine years old and last night had been her birthday. Many found the little girl scary and yet still cute. Her chestnut hair was braided on the sides of her head and her moss eyes were filled with curiosity and something oddly bothering, too. None seemed able to stand in front of those eyes without flinching for the things they thought the girl could read. She had just gotten up and already she was running outside wildly for the next adventure.
It was said that Emmy's imagination was wider and deeper than any ocean upon Terra
, but no one was sure of that. Emmy would run around the cliffs talking of dragons, pixies and imps, and people would nod and smile, perhaps laugh but should she turn around, they would roll their eyes and shake their heads for they couldn't understand what was going on inside that little head of hers. None of the other children were like Emmy, because they grew up, eventually. But Emmy seemed to never grow up; Her mind was still as vivid as it had been when she was a four-year-old and telling crazy stories of monsters lurking outside her window. It wasn't the stories that made people think that she was odd, but the way she wasn't scared of those monsters she imagined. She was following one of those even that morning.
That very morning she was chatting with a small, black and pointy eared boy who claimed to be a black elf. They would do this every year, the day after her birthday. The boy was called Cam, his eyes were red and his hair white. He was a mischievous creature and so, he claimed, were the rest of his race, too. Emmy would run with him to the hills and then down again. They would laugh, sing and dance and then, she would show something of her world to him. This year it would be the Church of Hope. But now it was time for dancing and singing, and later, she promised, for something new to add to his knowledge of Terra. The fun took them hours and then they ran for the church. But what they saw up there was all very wrong and not filled with hope at all.
The church itself was big and white with symbols of faith. No one in the village remembered when it had been built, thus they had come to the conclusion that it was, indeed, older than time itself. According to some of the creatures Emmy spoke to, the theory sounded quite right. One could see that something was wrong fairly far away and that is why Emmy started running like she'd never ran before. She wanted to see for herself before no one else saw it. She jumped over the gate and walked through the graveyard trying to see EVERYTHING at once. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped and her eyes blinked not once but twice. It seemed as if the whole world had stopped to see how a young girl would react to what was in front of her eyes.
Emmy blinked again, she wasn't sure if what she saw was really there. She thought it was intriguing and gruesome. Scary? Not at all. All that blood, she thought, it creates such a beautiful picture. Her mind started projecting all it saw. The woman must have been beautiful before, Emmy mused, what could she have done to get killed like this. She walked closer to the woman, through the grass, which had turned brown during the night. The blood had dried on the gravestones and the door of the church. It is almost as if a wolf had eaten her, Emmy thought and turned to look at her friend. “Cam? What do you think did this?” she asked with a voice so clear that one couldn't believe that she was a nine-year-old who had just found a body. Cam shook his head and came closer to look. “I know not”, he muttered as he studied the odd wounds on the woman's chest. “Should we try to find out?” Emmy asked and looked at Cam with eyes that glinted with excitement. “Mayhap. But is it not so that you ought to leave the murder for the authorities..” he muttered in answer. “Oh, please, Cam! I swear I won't ask for anything else for five years!” Emmy begged him and oddly enough, that was what did it for Cam; He'd always had a soft spot for this human girl, thus he nodded. Emmy smiled triumphantly and started looking.
There was blood all over the place. What seemed to have been a white wedding dress was now completely red and brown and the woman who must have been extremely beautiful before death had an empty look in her eyes and a face set in a terrified expression and her muscles were stiff. Emmy looked at her for quite a long time before deciding that she should get someone adult to look at her before animals would start eating the body. She was sure that the body would work as evidence for whatever killed it on its own, too, but she couldn't be sure. She waved Cam to her and stated that it was time to go. They went to look for any adult to come and take a look.
Someone was sitting on the roof of the Church of Hope. He smiled as he looked at the girl he'd been told to watch after. She's greatly curious, he thought to himself, and she seems fearless, too. His smile widened and his steel grey eyes seemed to get some sort of warmth in them. Obviously, according to the rules of guardian angels, he shouldn't have let the girl go to the body but he truly didn't care the least bit about the rules. His white hand went through his short, curly and raven hair as he considered his options before deciding to follow the girl he was supposed to protect. He spread his midnight-blue wings and leaped to the skies.
Emmy and Cam ran to the Police station where Emmy made constable Thomas McGillian come with her to the church. McGillian followed her but thought this was all just a child's game, in which he was supposed to play along, until they reached the church and he saw just what horrors the child had found less than an hour ago. He looked like he was going to faint when he saw all that blood and that's when he pulled his phone from his pocket and called reinforcements to help him with the crime scene before starting to ask Emmy questions such as had she touched anything on the scene and if she'd seen the woman ever before. She answered no to almost all of the questions but was capable of giving incredible details about what she had seen in there. Later McGillian sent Emmy home and truly thought, like only a man with no children can, that she would actually do as she was told to.
She ran up the hill with Cam and then stopped with a lot of curiosity in her eyes. “Why didn't he see you?” she asked Cam, who shrugged and muttered something about magic protecting him from the prying eyes. “But what would they do to you if they could see you?” Emmy asked with even more inquisitiveness in her voice. “I don't know. Mother says that humans are afraid of what they can't control or what is different from them”, Cam answered making Emmy very confused but she nodded, as if she could understand what was said to her. They went to the woods to play hide and seek and whilst they were there terrible things happened in the village of Medley.
Not long after the police forces – that would be 5 officers – had asked their questions and taken photos of the crime scene, it started raining drops as big as a young child's fist. The rain escalated into a thunderstorm. It started to get windy as the storm got worse and worse. Lightning stroke multiple times setting places on fire. The wind got faster and faster as it howled through the village picking whatever it wished to into it's embrace. No one dared to go outside and not a single soul knew who would be alive and who would die during the storm. It was terrible, magical and, oddly enough, enchanting but the last two only afterwards. It went on for hours and then as suddenly as the rain had started, everything went still. People came away from their hiding places and went out to see what damage they ought to fix. Some houses had burned down, but the people from most of those had ran for cover to other houses. But one family hadn't. The Newbury-home had burned down and had become only smoking ruins and no one knew where Emmy was.
During the storm Emmy had been in a cave in the forest with Cam, meeting fairies and gnomes and she hadn't had a clue of what was happening outside nor of the time that had passed while she was there. All that only because a spell had been cast to keep her safe. It was Cam who first told her that she should go home to her family. It was Cam who told Emmy that there had been a storm outside for hours and hours again and that was what sent Emmy running as fast as she could for her home. But it was all too late. No one could have saved the Newbury-family. The villagers expressed their sorrow for Emmy's loss, but none would take her to their home and hearts. She was put up for adoption.
Three years passed swiftly as Emmy worked her way through schools and foster-homes, keeping in touch with Cam. Three long years before three beautiful women walked through the door of the orphanage. Their names were Aara, Wena and Maevy. Aara was a tall woman with porcelain skin, flaming red hair and intensive blue eyes which broke off to purple. Wena was a petite brunette where as Maevy was like a mischievous pixie with her short black hair and spring green eyes. And they ended up pointing at Emmy when they were asked whom would they wish to adopt. Three years, before a young girl was given a home but this home was no ordinary residence and the femmes no ordinary femmes. They were witches and their home was a coven. They took Emmy into their hearts and raised her as their own, teaching her everything they knew – Even a bit of magic. She was a mystery to them, but they loved her a lot. That is where she lived until she turned seventeen and moved to another city to start in an university of the Supernaturals..


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