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Friday, 8 June 2012

Liar's Death

The bit that follows is a longer line from a story where my main character is the biggest liar upon Earth; He is telling everyone a story of how he went to hell and back.

"Goddess came to me. She spoke and I listened. I was so sure of myself during that one moment. But then I realised that it was nothing more than a dream. The knowledge saddened my heart and thus I woke up. Waking up wasn't the most pleasant experience of my life, I can tell you that. I was in pain. Horrible pain. This pain was like thousand daggers stabbing me from inside and a thousand men hitting me from outside. I closed my eyes and prayed for Death to come and take me with Her. But She never came. She held Her distance, mocked me and went away. She had no intention of lifting my pain. Her laughter of mockery followed me into my restless sleep as the pain pulled me under once more. This time, I thought, I would not wake up. Oh, Goddess, how wrong I was. I was in Hell", Gale began, trying to convince everyone in the pub that this all happened. "You all know how it goes; Someone poisons you and you have to die slowly and during that time you've got what seems to be all the time in the world and you curse every living being to Hell and back making it so that you end up in Hell yourself!" he continues getting awarded by understanding and agreeing mumbles from all the other people around him. He smiles triumphantly and continues; "So there I was, sitting in the seventh flame of Hell and saying to myself; Gale, this ain't fair. You ain't supposed to be here, Gale, old boy.. Then I stood up and walked out of there", this is when that woman stops Gale with a voice that makes you wonder if it's really worth it to lie; "Just like that?"

Gale sits still for a while, just eyeing the woman. Her hair is black, her eyes steel grey and she's wearing a green shirt and brown leather pants. All in all, she's the kind of woman Gale would go for if he knew he wasn't in any sort of trouble at the time. But just now, Gale was in BIG trouble thus he nods his answer and continues where he was distracted; "And like I said; Then I stood up and walked out of there. Just like that. None of the demons tried to stop me and that's good for them since I would have had to bunch them!"

Hope you enjoyed!

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