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Monday, 14 March 2016


I know, I know.. It's been a while!

I updated the Storylines page to include some of my newer small pieces from Deviant; I haven't really made proper progress on any of my longer stories, mainly because in some of them I have written myself into a dead end and others require major editing that I simply don't have time for right now. I hope to get back to them during the summer as it seems like I will not have a job during that time..

I'll try to get something out before that, though, but that will be at earliest in April so just... bear with me!

- Stella

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Magic of Silence

The following is a very raw scrap of text I've written this week and thus will quite obviously be edited further later; Feedback is welcome! (Pardon the possible missing Ds, my keyboard on this laptop is a little bit broken)

Part 1: The Disappearing Act

Anna was a silent girl with a quiet life. She worked in a library surrounded by the kind of eerie silence only thousands and thousands of written words on paper can create. Even her childhood home had echoed of a silence the way places do when they are lacking in things and people. Perhaps if their home had been filled with people and chatter, silence would not have become Anna's mode of self-expression. And maybe if it hadn't become her mode, she would have never started thinking of herself in such a degrading way..

Obviously, midway through a life is no place to begin a story of any kind, especially one as important as hers.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Revised and Rewritten; April

I felt this is an important thing to let everyone reading know about, that I didn't think of mentioning before. I revisit, revise and rewrite pieces of texts when I'm unhappy with them, but I perhaps forget to mention that this is what I have done - They're all a work in progress, constantly, and the version I upload is the first one I've deemed "okay" for others to read and give feedback on.

Also, I have a feed that you guys can follow through your emails (for instance) that let's you know when I upload something new on this site (however, it does not tell you when I change something in an already published post), and "Email me"-plugin on the right side of the blog for questions and notes people feel they don't want to leave as a comment.

Revised/Rewritten in April:

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fawn: Living in Fear

This is the second part of the story "Fawn", you can find the link to the previous piece of the storyline by clicking on this link and finding it on the list. 

Living in Fear

It was dark. She was running. Running through that forest again. This time she knew something was waiting for her. This time she knew. This time she’d turn around, she swore she would. And then, too early for her to truly have expected it, it was on her. It was at her throat. It had ripped her throat. She was bleeding, bleeding out. It looked at her. Its eyes were filled with pity. Pity and sorrow.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fawn: Alive

There isn't much to say about this piece yet, other than that it's a rather rambling and perhaps a little different from the other pieces in the series, also that I may change it as I progress with the other pieces of the text so don't hate me if the prologue of the story is suddenly different; Apologies for that in advance! 


The world is unjust. And many of the lives that pass through it go unnoticed. But some… some affect everything around them. Like that of the woman lying on the moss over there. Yes, that woman. The one covered in blood. The one whose throat had been torn. She looks just like any other sporty girl from the City of Nova with her long red locks and pale complexion, doesn’t she? Her name, though perhaps irrelevant, was Lola Fray.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

A Day of Regret

This is an old piece I wrote for a competition - Not one of my best but I enjoyed exploring this aspect of my writing; I feel like I could by rewriting it and perhaps continuing it make something out of it..

At the time I thought life was simple and easy. You live and you die. Maybe you work and start a family, maybe you don't. But no matter what I thought, I knew we would all end up the same way. Joining the hunt in the better hunting grounds always seemed odd to me and I didn't much care for the notions of our loved ones sitting atop a cloud and looking down at us. My mother had believed in all that. I never believed any of it. Dead is dead and mostly 6 feet under, too. Life was simply the thing you did before you were gone. Life wasn't as precious as old people felt it was. Oh, how wrong I was. I still felt immortal - that's how young I was! I was nineteen and I had learned nothing about life and its cruelty. No one close to me had died and nothing horrible had ever happened. To me, wars were nothing but a part of history and death the inevitable thing somewhere faraway in the future. I didn't see myself dying any time soon. Actually, I didn't really see myself dying at all though I believed in it being inevitable. All this held true all the way until my 20th birthday, November the 18th 2011. What happened that day, haunts me to this very day.

Friday, 2 May 2014

To Be A Cat For A Day?

To Be A Cat For A Day? is a story of a young woman, Evelynn Yorke, who finds herself in all sorts of trouble in 2154. It all starts one beautiful morning when her lab blows up as she walks in. Who would want to kill her and why?


This kind of mornings always made her wish to be a cat. Cats can sleep whenever, wherever they want to, she mused and they didn't have to go to work after a sleepless night to be there at 7AM sharp. Why, oh why, hadn't she been born a cat or an owl? Being either animal would suit her basic needs and sleep schedule a lot better. But alas, Mother Nature had just had to play pranks and games when natures were handed out and hence given a human that of a cat - or so Eve had always believed.
        For a young, aspiring scientist she had a lot of beliefs and her fellow scientists were either amused or irritated by them and her ethics. She was honest and unwilling to withhold information of her scientific research and how it was conducted. Besides, whenever they saw her, she seemed perky and happy plus her sarcastic and cheeky comments never went unnoticed and always made other people angry. My associates are so humorless and dull, she thought as she sipped the morn's first cup of herbal tea. She never seemed to be able to stomach coffee, which annoyed other scientists beyond belief, mainly because none of them seemed to be able to do anything without caffeine in their systems. She didn't think much of it - their behavior was rather foolish and their caffeine consumption was probably the reason why they couldn't live without it.